The Pottery

My business has grown, literally, from the kitchen table.  In amongst children, dogs and chickens my studio was built, and from chaotic beginnings – only I understand the inner workings of my production line – my creations are now sent out into the world via local shops and galleries where, to much relief, they are found happy homes.
The studio, where it all happens...

The studio, where it all happens…

My work often sells as presents, such as special birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.  Do check out the gallery to get an idea of the kind of thing I’m working on a the moment…

5 thoughts on “The Pottery”

  1. Jennifer Harvey said:

    Hello Candida
    My name is Jen and I have just moved to Berkhamsted. I have always had a keen interest in arts/craft and particularly ceramics and am thinking about setting up my own home studio. I’d be keen to hear about your experience and wonder if you have any advice about where to start! 😂 I have two small children and a full time job at the moment so chaotic beginnings is where I’m at. Do you have an open studio day at all?

    • Hi Jen, I started my very small business about 20 years ago when I too had small children and made Christmas decorations at my kitchen table which I sold at local fairs. I have taken part in Open Studios in the past and even held my own Christmas Fair from my house, comprising about a dozen or so small businesses alongside my own work. Great fun, but hard work..! My only real advice would be to try and find a new slant for your work, in other words, try to be a bit different to all the other pottery websites as well as commercial…not easy, I know, and it took me a while to find my own style. I would say Open Studios is a good place to start and you may even get local shop and gallery owners offering to sell your work, which is what happened to me. I’ve never sold online so I can’t advise on that, but best of luck anyway..! Candida

  2. Pamela Munday-Cripps said:

    Hi just wondering if you do workshops? 3 ladies looking for one. Either throwing, coul pits or decorating pots/ mugs??

  3. Denise Gentry said:

    Hello just wondering if you fire other potters work and if so fees thank you 😊

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